Converse Pro Streets

The unofficial European capital of cool, our city attracts and nurtures creatives from all over the world. From the skating of Fredrichshain to the ping pong of Neuku, this is where determination meets eccentricity and we wouldn't have it any other way.

In the city with more languages spoken than anywhere else, our street culture is, unsurprisingly, vibrant and varied. Nowhere is this more apparent than Brixton, an area with a raw creative energy for basketball, music and loads more. World leaders in street sports, music and street art, in this city we innovate, we don't imitate.

We're fiercely proud of our city Milan, a too-often overlooked powerhouse of youth creativity. From the streetdancers of Sesto Marelli to the BMXers of Parco "Lambrooklyn" Lambro, Milan nurtures talent, the evidence of this is seen on our streets and parks every day.

Our nocturnal, lively and ever-changing city is without doubt the Mecca for street culture in Spain. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Lavapi's, a place where 88 nationalities co-exist, leading the way in hip-hop music, street art and basketball.

There's nowhere else in the world like Paris, and like everything else in this city, our street culture has its own unique style. We're the proud originators of French rap and electrodance. Our pride is justified - this really is a world-class centre of cultural innovation. Look no further than Pigalle for evidence...its streets teeming with activity from basketball to block parties.

Laid-back, experimental and dynamic, it's our personality as a city that shapes our street culture. Whether it's the rough diamond of Bijlmer or the more polished Noord - we're always willing to try new things, bike polo, street ball and spoken word are just a few of the more niche examples of what's happening on a daily basis here.

Between the sea and the Vesuvio, city of charming contrasts, Napoli is the natural meeting point of crews testing themselves and their art.\nFrom writers of Bagnoli to b-boys in Galleria Umberto I, from skaters in Directional Centre and dunkers in Pozzuoli.